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A Libertarian is an individual who believes in limited government and prioritizes their individual rights. Libertarians believe individuals have the right to live their lives as they see fit, as long as they don't infringe upon the rights of others. 


Chris' platform is based around Libertarian principles, not policy. Libertarians champion free market capitalism, supporting civil liberties (ie: first and second amendment rights, freedom of association, freedom of religion). Most importantly, central to libertarian philosophy is the non-aggression principle, which asserts that individuals should not initiate force or coercion against others. Libertarians believe that the use of force should be reserved for self-defense or the defense of others that have aggressive advances.


A key issue in 2024 is going to be stabilizing the economy and holding politicians accountable in Washington for driving up TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. Emphasizing free market principles without government interference is paramount to the success of catalyzing economic growth.

We need to support sound monetary polices backed by a tangible asset or a system where the value of money is determined by market forces rather than centralized control.

If elected, I am to reduce government spending, eliminate unnecessary regulations, reduce taxes, and foster competition in industries prone to inflation.


The crisis at the border is more prevalent than ever, and I believe that we can secure our borders while streamlining the immigration process, which will facilitate legal entry and residency for those individuals from abroad who wish to contribute positively to the economy.

Our southern border needs to be secured, and I also believe if we adopt a visa and sponsorship system, where citizens can apply and vouch for individuals looking to enter the country, it will drastically decrease illegal immigration and also provide accountability for immigrants once they are in the states, preventing potentially dangerous individuals from causing harm to law abiding Americans.

It is important to note that immigrants should not be entitled to government welfare benefits, reducing the strain on taxpayer resources and incentivizing self-sufficiency.


With chaos erupting throughout Gaza and Ukraine, the United States should NOT be funding or supporting proxy wars and should avoid military intervention in foreign conflicts unless directly threatened or attacked, prioritizing diplomacy and peaceful resolution of disputes.

We need to return war powers back to Congress and ensure that the power to declare war is in the Congress' hands, as mandated by the constitution. This will prevent any military action executed by the Executive branch.




In order to drive innovation, we need to encourage private sector investment in STEM research and development, reducing barriers of regulation for new startups.

Supporting school choice initiatives that allow parents to choose the best education for their children is paramount, allowing them the option between traditional schools, charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling.


I will advocate for encouraging free market principles within the Esports and gaming industry, where competition and innovation can thrive without government regulation and interference. It is important to be a hub for global gaming, inviting of international players (via a streamlined immigration process) by not restricting or censoring what games can be played in a particular region, which we see as a growing problem in Asia

We need to reject government attempts to regulate or control behavior, such as bans on certain genres of games, restrictions on gaming time, and access, which are considered unnecessary infringements on personal liberty.



As a licensed health insurance agent for 6 years, I want to advocate for a free market healthcare system where providers can sell across state lines and compete for patient business based on supply and demand. 

We need to promote privately underwritten plans as viable alternatives to COBRA and the ACA. The ACA itself is fueled by subsidies that hard working Americans fund with their tax dollars. In most cases, these subsidies can disappear if there is a change in salary or a qualifying event throughout the year, making the exchange unpredictable and misleading. 

As a Senator, I want to encourage private guaranteed issue plans in lieu of Obamacare, and encourage the use of HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) to empower individuals to take control of their healthcare spending and make their own informed choices about their medical care.




If elected, I aim to prioritize privacy and security through the adoption of cryptocurrency by ensuring individuals have a greater sense of financial privacy and protection against fraud or censorship.

Cryptocurrencies foster innovation and competition in the finance sector, driving improvements to payment systems, financial services, and overall economic efficiency.

I STRONGLY oppose the adoption of a centrally digital bank. A central digital bank would concentrate significant power and control over the financial system in the hands of a few individuals or government entities, undermining individual sovereignty and economic freedom.

By decentralizing financial infrastructure and removing central points of control, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms provide a safeguard against government overreach and arbitrary monetary policies.


If elected, I aim to eliminate unnecessary agencies of the Federal government as well as abolish the Federal Reserve.


Libertarians advocate for an end to mass incarceration, which they see as a result of overcriminalization and harsh sentencing laws for nonviolent offenses.

I support the repeal of drug prohibition laws and the implementation of policies focused on treatment and harm reduction rather than punishment for drug-related offenses.

As a Libertarian, I emphasize the need for greater police accountability, transparency, and oversight to address issues of police misconduct, brutality, and racial bias. Police should NOT have qualified immunity.

If elected, I seek to end civil asset forfeiture, a practice that allows law enforcement to seize property from individuals suspected of criminal activity without due process. They argue that it violates property rights and incentivizes policing for profit.

Most importantly, there needs to be a stop to convicting individuals of victimless crimes. 




As a Libertarian, I prioritize bodily autonomy and oppose any government restrictions on abortion. These are difficult decisions that should be left to individuals, families affected along with an opinion from a medical professional.

I would highly encourage individuals in this position to seek out all alternatives possible before making such a difficult decision. I was adopted at birth to a loving family, and I will continue to promote adoption and will support the creation of private agencies that can streamline the adoption process, reduce bureaucratic hurdles, and empower families to navigate the adoption system more effectively. 


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