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Chris has been a proud Nevadan for the past 7 years and currently is an E-commerce consultant and a National Esports Event Organizer.

Chris has been Libertarian his entire life, and believes that Nevadans should have the personal freedom to make their own decisions, as long as those decisions are not infringing on the liberties of others.

At age 32, Chris is one of the youngest Senate candidates in the nation, and aims to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to generate innovative ideas to Washington DC.

Outside of work and taking on a federal political campaign, Chris can be found live streaming on Twitch, racing go karts, DJing, or traveling across the country and appearing at live events.


Chris formerly was a licensed insurance agent for 6 years, assisting Nevadans and members of 12 other states with private and public health and life insurance options.

Chris Cunningham for US Senate


In 2024, we can make history and show Washington D.C. that the youth have the power!
My goal is to fight tirelessly to protect your individual freedoms.

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